Modern Day Soapmaking

Modern Day Soapmaking

The Early Days

Image Source: Cambridge University

Can you say we’ve come a long way baby? Today’s handmade soaps are masterfully created compared to those of ancient civilizations. The earliest, concrete sign of soap appearing on the scene dates back to 2200 B.C. where they found a clay tablet in Mesopotamia (Source) with a soap recipe on it. Of course, there were many other countries that have said it started there but this is the one with actual documentation. There were usually only two ingredients used at that time; animal fat and ash. Of course, one has to realize that the soaps they were making back then were only used to clean utensils or later on for cleaning fabric and it was not used on the body until centuries later.

Modern Soapmaking

soapmakingToday, soap making has been taken to a whole new level.  People desire to use green, eco-friendly, healthy ingredients in the home and on their physical bodies. With the ever-increasing list of carcinogens being exposed and found in so many products today, especially in the cosmetic and cleaning industry, people are demanding a purer, all-natural product line that they can safely use.

Personally, I believe that this is one of the main reasons that handmade, soapmaking has made such a huge comeback in recent years.  Today, unlike our ancestor’s methods, there are many different ingredients in handmade soapmaking.   There is a large variety of readily available oils and butter to use.  Not only that, there is an endless supply of herbs, botanicals, natural mineral colorants, and detoxing, clays to incorporate into today’s bars.  The choice is totally up to the soapmaker to decide on what to include.   Thus, everyone’s soaps take on a special quality that is as unique as the creator.   Now, how fun is that?

Back in the 1960s and early ’70s was the first time I ever came across homemade soaps at some of the local craft fairs. That is when I fell in love with the art of soapmaking. My days of traveling to faraway craft festivals and local craft shows as a vendor has come to an end.  However,  my passion for creating unique soaps still propels me onward. As with all things in this modern-day world, I am here today bringing my personal soap creations online for today’s mindful-living customers to enjoy.

What’s Ahead?

Be sure to stay tuned as we are always creating something new for you to explore.   Also, I will be doing regular blog posts on many different topics related to bath and body products.  There is so much a person can learn today about the products they choose to use.  We invite you will sign up to receive notifications of our newest articles and bath creations.

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