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Welcome to Sunscapes Soap Shop. I have had a passion for making handmade items my entire life, and have always had a dream to have my own soap shop someday. I have traveled the craft circuit throughout western, NY for many years selling my handcrafted items. It has been a very enjoyable experience but as all things change over time, that too has narrowed to sales much closer to home. Bringing the soaps online, instead of hauling them all over the festival circuit, seems so much easier, less time consuming and a great way to reach a larger audience too.

The soaps are mainly created using the cold process method and in small batches using traditional techniques passed down throughout the generations, but tweaked here and there with our modern day advances.  Each batch of soap is made using the best essential oils, fragrances, botanicals, minerals and organic products whenever possible.   Most of the ingredients are purchased from trustworthy soap companies that offer sustainable, non GMO and eco-friendly products specific to the soaping and cosmetic industry.   This is very important to Sunscapes Soaps as I believe everything you put "on" your body is as important as what you put "into" it.  

I have always loved creating something with my hands.  I believe I get that from my grandmother and aunt who always let me help them when they were making homemade items for their own families.   Actually, I come from a long line of very talented family members who today, like myself, continue to create and inspire their children to do the same.   Every day my mind imagines different ways that I can share my inspirations with others just as my family has throughout the years.

I hope you enjoy all of the different varieties I offer and will continue to create, as my creative button is always on.   🙂

We started out with two pots on our stove, and we remain committed to the handmade way

I love my customers

A special thank you for visiting my store and hope that you will enjoy experiencing our soaps. We are happy to give you a Free Shipping on your order. Just sign up for my newsletter!

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