Spray yourself and your personal space to lighten the energetic vibes in your home, your workspace and even your car. Enjoy the uplifting and refreshing feeling this fantastic “Aura Cleanse” can bring to you today.

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Spritz yourself and your personal space with a light mist to lighten the energetic vibes in your home, your workspace and even your car. Enjoy the uplifting and refreshing feeling this fantastic “Negative Clearing Essence” can bring to you today. You can spritz this crystal and herbal, Aura Cleanse onto objects and crystals too, to assist with smudging energies. 

Our spray really is awesome and my most popular item! I have received the best reviews for this product and it is even carried, as well as, recommended by a California Spa that uses it to clear their clients and rooms after use.  You will not be disappointed at this alternative to smudging without smoking up your personal space.  If you love energetic “Essence Sprays” we have a few more that can assist you. 

Product Info:

This listing is for “ONE” Aura Cleanse Spray

Crystal Infused with Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Blue Kyanite & Amethyst

Ingredients: Essential Oil blend of Pine, Rosemary, White Sage & Rose

  •  The Aura Cleanse spray is made with distilled water
  •  Infused with Crystal Gem energy, charged under the sun & moon
  •  Floral Essence added for additional energetic properties
  •  Energetically charged with intentions for benefiting your highest good
  •  Energized by the Full Moon during each Equinox for added impact
  •  Made in small batches for freshness and longer shelf life

USES: For External Purposes Only!


Smudging in a bottle

Firstly, have you ever experienced a sense of foreboding, fear, anger or just unrest when you entered a room? Secondly, most people do not know that negative energies can linger in rooms long after an event that caused them has happened. Thirdly, Clearing the space & creating a vibrant atmosphere once again, could never be easier.

You can easily transmute that negativity into positive, uplifting vibrations again, by spraying around the area needing a clearing. The ingredients & the crystals were chosen for the perfect blend of energetic properties to dissipate and cleanse any person or area involved.  It is so easy, just spritz around your sacred altar area, living space, hotel rooms, office, seminar rooms, and healing spaces.  This will help you to keep your space sparkly clean of unwanted, cluttered and dense energies.

To Use:  Most importantly, be sure to “Shake Well” to mix the oils and water then Spritz the Aura cleanse around your personal space to enhance and uplift a room.

Using our essence clearing and cleansing spray is a wonderful alternative to using a smudging stick. They are so much easier to use and smoke-free for those sensitive to smoke. Of course, it’s not always convenient to fire up a smudge stick… ; )


INSTRUCTIONS: How to effectively clear your space:
  1. Test an area first to be sure that you have no allergic reactions to the all-natural ingredients in the sprays. Some people do have allergies to certain flowers, so testing is advised. Remember. EXTERNAL Use Only!
  2.  Stand and spritz the essence spray in front of you, reaching above the height of your head, then step into the gentle, falling mist. Ahhhh!
  3. To spray a room…. start at the center and spritz in a spiral pattern, until you reach the edge of the room or doorway entrance.


  • Rhonda – Instant clearing, right when you need it. No waiting around until you can slip away to calm down, or worse, waiting for the rest of your workday til you can get home. Keep it in your workspace and get through those rough moments immediately, quietly, and sweetly. Rhonda-
  • Nancy – Best stuff. Honestly healing and just beautiful energy from these bottles. Thank you!!!!
  • Ammi – I keep telling Sunscape to make this in a gallon drum size. So far she has not done that!!! LOL My luck, she would do that and price it for $1000 and I would have to sell all my swords or something to pay for it; either that or stay on a ‘payment plan’ with Miss Sunscape for the rest of my life!!! LOL Seriously, though, there are no words for how awesome this spray is. I would not be without it and Sunscape is a dream to work and convo with. This aura spray is important to me on a spiritual level and living in the times we are living in, having this spray to keep one’s aura free and clear of negativity is an absolute MUST!!!! The aroma is light and delicate and you will love it……it can even be used to spray on your dog and/or cat. Animals resonate with it too. Try it. You will love it. Blessing you, Sunscape. 🙂
  • Daisy – I can definitely feel the magic To Clear bad vibes at work I use sage a lot but I want something a little of fun energetically on my clearing.smell good too.
  • Cindy – This “feels” so good raining down when sprayed overhead. Clears my stress and negativity when needed. Thank you!
  • Rhonda – I love this spray! Sunscape is great to work with! It shipped pretty fast! I can’t burn sage anymore because the smoke irritates me. This is a great alternative!


Your Aura Cleanse comes in a 4 oz. Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle with Atomizer with a couple of gemstone chips in to keep charging the essence. Woohoo!


Until next time, this is Sunscape
Sun. Scape. Ing your day

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