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PINK HIMALAYAN SALT, Detox Bar, Exfoliating Salt Bar, All Skin Types, Mineral Rich Bars, Sore Muscle Soaks, Princess Bar, Anti-bacterial bar

Himalayan salt cleanses and detoxifies while it leaves your skin soft, and re-mineralized after exfoliating. The Anti-bacterial properties of pure salt when applied to your skin after bathing is so beneficial for great skin. Himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals and elements that leave a residue on your skin to protect it leaving it smooth and fresh.

To use the salt bar: Simply wet your washcloth then rub it on the bar to get a good amount of salt.  Then gently rub the cloth all over your skin. Do not press the salt bar directly onto your skin as you do not want to scratch your skin while exfoliating. Gentle is the key to silky, rejuvenated skin.  I like to let the hot water run over my bar as I am filling the tub to release the minerals into the water for my bath.   Either way, you will enjoy the benefits of the pink Himalayan salt.

This listing is for One Heart Pink Himalayan Salt Bar Approximately 6 oz in weight

Ingredients: Pure Pink Himalayan Salt

Note: The shades of pink vary with each piece.

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